Evolving 10x Value Partners — The Road to 1 Billion AUM

Summary: 2020 has been the most successful year so far at 10x Value Partners. In its core, the recipe of our success is the value investing approach. Now, our opportunity universe has expanded greatly and we are ready for the next level: Building 10x VP into a multi asset class investment manager.

2020 has been characterised by high degrees of uncertainty and chaos. 10x VP is committed to capitalise on opportunities during all market times. We have made 10 new investments and reached previously unseen levels of commercial success, while keeping our mission in mind to solve the world’s biggest problems.

On the one hand, we doubled down on previous investments like Jeffrey, the 360 degree 5*-hotel in your home experience company. Coincidentally, Adam Neumann backed a similar company recently with USD 30 million, so the timing seems great. On the other hand, we did many new angel investments (often via a club deal syndicate) such as Bloom, Henry and Prolific. We have also set up two new businesses with Medical One (Medical Supplies Marketplace) and Bullfinch (Green Energy Infrastructure Investments). The former helps tackle the supply shortage of medical supplies, while the latter’s mission is to advance our world towards a green, low carbon economy.

Looking back at our biggest wins, I’ve realised that the core of our success lies in following a non-mainstream investment approach. It is a mix of a blue ocean investment strategy and value investing. We are looking for risks, others do not like or understand and therefore find proprietary value. One example for this is when I backed Jens Basenach and his company MyMy Catering when they were just two people and close to shutting down. I helped the company to do a turn-around and after 15 months, I was able to exit the investment with over 2000% return. Looking at successes like this, it is clear that we will be looking at value investment opportunities also going forward.

As I have mentioned in my last blog posts, reaching a new milestone offers you an extended universe of new opportunities. Simultaneously, having more capital allows you to use greater leverage and optimise your returns. I’ve taken the recent weeks to reflect on our successes so far and come up with a new strategy to build 10x VP into a multi asset investment firm.

10x Value Partners Business Segments

Now, we are looking for new partners to join our journey. On the one hand, I’m looking to build an investment team of 2-4 people to support me building 10x VP. On the other hand, we are looking for people who can contribute to our journey with deal flow, contacts, or anything else.

I’m eternally grateful for my friends, partners and associates who have helped me over the last couple of years and made this possible. Let’s keep it going and achieve even more!

Founder & CEO of 10x Value Partners. One of the world’s most successful angel investors. Follow me to learn my secrets.