The Opportunity Universe: A Framework for Winning in Life

Introducing the Opportunity Universe

Expand your Opportunity Universe

  1. Personally, I use an app called Todoist for writing down all the ideas which come to my mind during the week. Every Monday, I take time to go through all of the ideas and put them in buckets such as “Start-up Ideas,” “Personal Development” and “Social Media Ideas.”
  2. I read about another way in Tim Ferriss’s 2016 book Tools of Titans: Make some time each morning to write down five ideas. I think this can work really well because in the morning you have less decision fatigue and a fresh mind.
  3. Finally, there is the sledgehammer approach of using mind-altering substances that may aid you in increasing your creativity and hence your awareness level. Although I do not advocate this approach due to the obvious risks involved, there seems to be anecdotal evidence that it may do wonders in terms of driving creativity.
  1. This can be done through reading and desk research. Remember from my previous article that knowledge works as a network, so the more knowledge you accumulate, the more clarity you will have on your Opportunity Universe..
  2. On the other hand, you can turn to external sources (friends, colleagues, mentors, etc.) and ask them to point you to opportunities they think could be a good fit.

Pick the right opportunity

  1. Your personal USP
  2. A market opportunity
  3. Your passion

1. Find your personal USP .

  1. Ask yourself: What is easy for me that many other people always complain is hard for them?
  2. Ask 5 of your closest friends and 5 people you don’t know so well (such as your boss, instructor or professor) on feedback about your strengths.
  3. Think about past performance reviews. In what aspects of your job did you perform exceptionally well?
  4. Use personality assessment tests such as the Myers-Briggs test or the Ocean model.

2. Identify the right market opportunity.

3. Follow your passion.





Founder & CEO of 10x Value Partners. One of the world’s most successful angel investors. Follow me to learn my secrets.

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Christian A. Schröder

Christian A. Schröder

Founder & CEO of 10x Value Partners. One of the world’s most successful angel investors. Follow me to learn my secrets.

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